FAQ – What is www.gadgetwelt.de?


Hello dear readers,

because we often get requests , what do we do anything, if we sell things and how basically everything is working , we have launched this page to the most frequently asked questions (Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ ).

Question: What is www.gadgetwelt.de ?

Answer: Gadgetwelt.de is a blog where are unusual or not everyday gadgets available at bargain prices. Every day we are in search in the entire world wide web of new gadgets. Here are inter alia China gadgets , gadgets from England and the U.S., but also from Germany and the rest of the world .

Question: Do you sell the gadgets ?

Answer: No. We are not a dealer, do not selling anything and take no orders. We only link to the deals .

Question: What should I do to buy the gadgets?

Answer: Click on the button at the bottom right in the article “ link to gadget “ and you will be forwarded to the seller . In previous articles , where the button is not available , just click the links within the article .

Question: What the seller has to do with you ?

Answer: Nothing , we are absolutely neutral and not tied to specific merchants. We are looking for the best prices and this is then linked . Should this change after the publication of our article , we add it to the knowledge of an update.

Answer: No.

Question: A gadget does not work. Do you support?

Answer: No. In exceptional cases we can help you when we bought the gadget itself . You can recognize the fact that we have published a review or a test video of it . Fundamentally however we give no support . For any service please contact the seller.

Question: I bought an item and i have a problem with the seller . Can you help me?

Answer: No. Please clarify any disputes directly with the dealer or Paypal. We do not provide support .

Question: A gadget is sold out. May I still get it?

Answer: Basically: yes. Write this simply as a comment in the article and we will immediately try to find another dealer who has the gadget available .

Question: I have ordered the gadget and made ​​a review / a test video . Do you publish it?

Answer: Basically: yes. After checking we will publish any review / test of each video , which contains no advertising for other sites and concerns. Unremarkable is how your test fails.

Answer: We would be in the interest of the entire readership very much if you tell us that as a comment on the gadget.